Head of Practice

Emmanuel is an astute and brilliant lawyer with over a decade of active legal practice and dispute resolution. He is well vast in the workings of the Nigeria Justice system and has made representations up to the apex court in Nigeria. He has a strong background in Corporate/Commercial Law, Regulatory Compliance, Advocacy, Contract Negotiation, Monitoring & Evaluation, Policy Management & Implementation, Research & Advisory Services, and Business Development with a client satisfaction record spanning over 10 years 

Emmanuel has a history of producing immediate results upon entering underperforming organizations and is respected for designing intelligent business plans, simplifying processes, stopping ineffective practices, and progressing executive teams/boards outside their comfort zones to achieve outstanding results. 


  • Represented Bureau of Public Enterprises at the Federal High Court, Warri Delta State.
  • Represented Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation at the Federal High Court, National Industrial Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Nigeria.
  • Represented the Department of Petroleum Resources at the Federal High Court, Lagos State.
  • Represented Fidelity Bank at the Lagos State High Court.
  • Represented Dys Trocca Valsesia Limited at the Magistrate, Lagos State High Courts and National Industrial Court.
  • Represented an interested party in the Dana Airline’s Coroner Inquest.
  • Represented an interested party in the Associated Airline’s Coroner Inquest.
  • Represented Frith Hill Company Limited at the Lagos State High Court.
  • Represented Lawson, Thomas and Colleagues at the National Industrial Court
Head of Legal Practice, Trusted Advisors law

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