The Trusted Advisors

We are a full-service law firm founded in 2011 to provide cutting edge and tailor-made legal solutions to our clients. Since then, we have built on the founding principles which have made us sterling in our practice.

Our firm is a partnership with 3 partners and over 20 outstanding professionals. Our offices are stationed in Lagos and Abuja. We also have a resilient and vibrant alliance with major law firms in all other thirty-five states within Nigeria.

Our strategic position, as well as an enviable network of alliances, has given undoubtedly 
benefits to our clients. We stand as a single-window service provider dealing with all 
kinds of matters across the country under one umbrella. We have in past and till now 
undertaken jobs from private and public organizations, banking institutions, 
government-owned bodies, and international institutions. We have a culture of hard 

work, diligence, commitment, and unflinching support to the client’s course.


We hold strong to our values of Hard Work, Empathy, and Creative Engagement. We understand that your needs are as specific as they are diverse and we commit more time to understand these needs to enable us to provide your own solution. Our investment in the youth over the years now means that we can boast of a very driven and proactive practice that we now have.

Our Brand

Our practice is Trust, built on a tripod of commitment, speed and integrity. Each of the professionals on our team is selected on the basis of their desire to go the extra mile to deliver on our common goal, which is to deliver satisfactory service to you. The cycle of trust begins with every member of the team, who radiate the trust to you at the very earliest opportunity.

The Firm was formed to attend to the needs of individuals and corporate entities who operate at the extreme end of performance. Our clients are constantly breaking grounds and achieving the impossible and we have imbibed the culture of being there with them even under the most unbelievable circumstances.

Our Approach

Our vision is to provide continued excellent and practical timely solutions to OUR clients and with OUR efforts to be universally recognized as a full-service law firm.

Our team consists of over twenty (20) result driven and goal-getting professionals including lawyers and MANAGEMENT PERSONNELS, working together to deliver on the common goal of robust development and a satisfied client base.

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