Let me take this moment to wish women all over the world, especially the very special ones within the TTA family, a happy International Women’s Day.

Mr Taye Awofiranye

At TTA, our women represent the most impeccable personification of the Firm’s “Ring of Trust” and constantly project the vital elements of the firm’s mantra of progressive excellence. Their unique essence is best captured by the concise but highly compelling coinage of the “TTA Women’”.

The Lagos TTA Team

While the success of the firm is down to the collective efforts of the team, its essence is best crystalized on the wings of the dynamism and resilience of the TTA women. The firm’s celebration of the TTA women is not just a product of gender advocacy or feminist tendency, it is a due appreciation of their outstanding commitment to growth and an unwavering commitment to give their all for the collective advancement of the TTA vision.

The Abuja TTA Team

The “TTA women” is an impeccable metaphor for productivity, discipline, loyalty and reliability. The strength of character of the TTA women has been pivotal to nursing the firm from its birth, through infancy and now through its sustained growth. The firm’s unique outlook draws significantly from the numerous sacrifices made by the different generations of the TTA Women and its long-term sustenance rest upon their shoulders.

While we have committed the past few years to the search and preparation of the TTA Women, their emergence creates a new challenge, empowerment and positioning. This is why we are committing the next few years to train and transition TTA women into the highest leadership positions within the firm.

On this day as we celebrate the constant gift of excellence, we join the TTA Women in the celebration of all the great women in the world and we register our commitment to continue to put you first every steps of the way.

Happy International Women’s Day!!!

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